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Monday, March 30, 2009

Thank You!

Human mind is so finnicky!
Damn was in a total fuckked mood yesterday, for more details. But now today I am raring to take on the world (as my present facebook tagline goes).
Here I want to thank all my well wishers who had showed actual concern towards me. So whatever it was a cherished message, a long chat on gtalk, phone call, everyone bigg thank you!...
What I feel is a key to come out of such moods is:
1) Communicate.. communicate... communicate... nothing can beat that.. more u talk more u feel comfortable... go talk it out... plaster it all over ur internet space.... change taglines in Facebook / Orkut / GTalk
2) Watch porn
3) Think about something pleasent (ya u can again watch porn!)
4) Do unmentionable things for that momentary pleasure
5) If u plan to do point 1, dont follow 2 to 4
Chao.. nothin much to say now....
better / intellectual blog to come up in two three years..

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