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Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Why do I have to sleep early?
Why am I always bugged for keeping late nights?
Why is my mom so concerned about me?
Why does she loves me in spite of I not being worth it?
Why anyone would want to love me?
Why does life gives so much importance to love?
Why is life being given such importance?
Why do we have to prioritize things in life?
Why many of these questions are answered by one more question?
Why am I looking out for answers?
Why is my first blog asking so many questions?
Why do we have to comment other peoples blogs to gain recognition?
Why does my blog seek that recognition?
Why do I need recognition?
Why is this series of questions inspired from some one else?
Why I did not get this inspiration?
Why is this blog turning out to be a total bullshit?
Why am I thinking about anything?


buddy said...

A new beginning
why so emotional though?

vineet said...


Copycat, kill the rat!!
Work on your English though man!
Some spelling/grammatical mistakes...unacceptable :)
Good start...looking to see how u carry on with it!